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A few more tips I remembered!

*Iron is great for fighting off fatigue. And spinach is a great source of Iron and if the spinach is cooked, you get that much more benefit from eating the leafy green.

*Everything green (think broccoli & kale) looks better with cheese on it.

*If suffering from morning sickness or just nausea in general a great way to feel better (at least a little) is to put something dry and bland in your stomach. Otherwise, the empty stomach will be further irritated by the stomach acid just sitting around with nothing to digest ;) It's like the old idle hands adage ;)

*If without a deep freezer to store extra-precious perishables (like expressed breast milk for example) , you can put the item in the ice bin/maker area of your freezer. Never store heat sensitive items in the freezer door.

*If you are looking for something to amuse the kids try using Google (or similar search engine) where you can search pictures. You can find "coloring book" pages this way. Try using the search words: "coloring book","coloring pages", "disney coloring", "coloring flowers"

*Cleaning the coils on your refrigerator helps it to work better, longer and more efficiently. If you do not know how to do this there will be instructions in the paperwork that came with your refrigerator or you can search on the internet using your fridge's make and model number.

*Decorating is easiest when you have inspiration. Check out home decor magazines or (this is really fun) go on a "just looking" shopping spree and find the one item that you could build a room around.

*If for any reason you need to speak to technical support or customer service for any of your amenities/utilities please, BE POLITE! Most of the representatives you speak to do not want your problem to go on longer then it needs to. The nicer you are to them the more on your side they will be and THAT'S how you get things done!


So i wasn't aware this group would be about cleaning. But i do have some advice in this area. Get a House Keeping Staff/ Live in a dorm. if you go to school forever you never have to pay the loans!
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Handy advice

Commet is a cure all for bathrooms.

Cheap sponges work better than expensive ones

Putting baking soda in cat boxes and spraying them daily with lysol eliminates cat pee smell

Lint rollers are your best friend when it comes to pets

If you dont have an iron, hang your clothes up in the bathroom while people shower (free steamer!)

Orange clean is a cure all for the Kitchen

Do not use bleach on clothes unless its 100% avoidable. Bleach works by literally eating the fabric. Use OxyClean. It works just as well, but doesnt eat your clothes. Your whites will last MUCH longer.

Always Always Always buy the cheapest wood picture frames possible. Paint them with acrylic paint. They look as good and cost a 4th of the price.

Always buy he XL ink for your printer, the regular ink is the same size, but only prints a third of what XL does. It only costs maybe $5-$10 more, but saves you $20-$30 more over time.
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Lets get started!

First Post :) A few things that I have learned over the years to help me get through my housework:

*Lemon juice helps remove mildew & mineral stains. Apply liberally to stain before washing with strong detergent.

*When coloring your hair with a permanent dye you want to make sure of two things: 1. That once the hair color is on your hair that you keep it warm and moist or it will not process as well. 2. That if you are coloring process damaged hairs, it is better to dampen (think light spray misting) the damaged parts before applying the dye.

*The best way to defeat a spaghetti stain is by attending to it immediately. Apply powder dish soap to the stain, then blot with a wet sponge, then launder as usual.

*A good way to establish your dominance over your dog is by feeding him only after s/he has seen you eaten. In wolf packs the alpha wolves ALWAYS eat first.

*Sometimes the best exercise you can do is working on chores.