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Catfur Drives me Crazy

We have three long haired kitties, and while I love them to death, their fur is the bane of my existence when it comes to keeping the house clean. I have fried more than one vacuum cleaner trying to keep up.
Our stairs to the second floor are thick pile tan carpeting. The catfur clings to these stairs like crazy. I had tried everything: a damp rag, special "cat fur remover" sponges, and all the attachments that came with every vacuum I have ever owned, and I even bought a dustbuster specifically to use on the stairs. It was nothing but a sad exercise in futility.
Until this weekend!
As usual, I started to struggle trying to get the hair off the stairs with the dustbuster. (On top of the fur, my husband and I both have hair down to our waists, so that makes the matter worse.) Suddenly, I had the solution.
I grabbed the kitty brush, the type you get at the petstore with the plastic short firm bristles, with the rubber tips. I strated at the top of the stairs, brushing towrds me, and side to side, and I kept a plastic grocery bag at hand to clean the brush off, about every stair. It worked like a charm! Once I got to the bottom and had managed to collect 98% of the hair and fur and fuzz from the stairs with the brush, I ran the dustbuster over them to gather any loosened dust and dirt or stray fuzzies, and I didn't even break a sweat. I recommend trying this if you have pet fur+high/dense pile carpeted stairs.

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