Megh (pameleen) wrote in handyadvice,

Gifts FROM the poor.

So being dirt poor has made me more creative lately. So I have been looking for VERY cheap (or free) things that can be given as gifts. Here are some projects I have come up with.

Picture composites: Taking scrapbook paper and magazine pictures and cutting shapes and images out to make collages/pictures. Such as a jungle scene or a living room with pictures of family members interacting in the make believe space.

Magazine cut-out beads: You glue one end and roll a strip of magazine (varying length) very tight. Making a bead, string as you wish. :)

The popular coupon book: "Do the dishes, free babysitting, homework help, declutter assistance", etc. Make them decorative and put time into them.

A collection of images and poems/prose that remind you of that someone you are giving to. How much more thoughtful can it get?!
Tags: crafts, free, gifts

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