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How to fix the garbage disposal??

How do I unclog the garbage disposal? We've tried the allan wrench, broom handle, hot water, ice cubes, vinegar and baking soda, etc.

In short, we've tried everything we can think of and are about to pay the big bucks to call a plumber.

When we used the allan wrench, it made the blades squeak- don't know if that means anything. I think it got jammed from some fibrous substance (juniper incense). The allan wrench turned freely, but it was just squeaky...

I would be so grateful for your advice. Thank you.


Painting Repair related products...

If this post isn't allowed, please delete it!  I don't know how many people in here use airless paint sprayers as either business or just for your home (or not at all), but I just thought I'd let you guys know about some things I've found and used that have been a really good deal and quality.



The first one seems more established and has more products, the second looks newer and it still adding things (it appears anyways.)  I ordered repair kits from each and they were both extremely fast shippers, the products were good (and cheaper than stores!)

Just thought I'd let anyone know that these are pretty good deals if your in the business for painting-related products. I hope this helps someone out...

Have a great day!!


It's that time again

If you're like me, every year you make the same resolutions, and every year you end up beating yourself up by March and completely giving up by April. I think this is because we set our goals too high, making it too easy for us to "fail" in achieving them. So this year I'm proposing setting our sights lower and resolving to make changes that are actually doable.

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These are just suggestions, but the idea is to set a goal that you're more likely to work toward and reach.

And my #1 New Year's resolution?

I resolve to follow my own advice.

Cross-posted; sorry if you see this more than twice.
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Catfur Drives me Crazy

We have three long haired kitties, and while I love them to death, their fur is the bane of my existence when it comes to keeping the house clean. I have fried more than one vacuum cleaner trying to keep up.
Our stairs to the second floor are thick pile tan carpeting. The catfur clings to these stairs like crazy. I had tried everything: a damp rag, special "cat fur remover" sponges, and all the attachments that came with every vacuum I have ever owned, and I even bought a dustbuster specifically to use on the stairs. It was nothing but a sad exercise in futility.
Until this weekend!
As usual, I started to struggle trying to get the hair off the stairs with the dustbuster. (On top of the fur, my husband and I both have hair down to our waists, so that makes the matter worse.) Suddenly, I had the solution.
I grabbed the kitty brush, the type you get at the petstore with the plastic short firm bristles, with the rubber tips. I strated at the top of the stairs, brushing towrds me, and side to side, and I kept a plastic grocery bag at hand to clean the brush off, about every stair. It worked like a charm! Once I got to the bottom and had managed to collect 98% of the hair and fur and fuzz from the stairs with the brush, I ran the dustbuster over them to gather any loosened dust and dirt or stray fuzzies, and I didn't even break a sweat. I recommend trying this if you have pet fur+high/dense pile carpeted stairs.
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Piping ?

Does anyone know how much fabric (yrds) you need per yard of piping? Does that make any sense at all? OK basically she is trying to figure out how much fabric she needs to buy to make piping. Does anyone know the conversion? Have a chart? Will someone please rescue me from this math?
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Less expensive gift ideas

With the rapid decline of the economy, money is increasingly tight everywhere. This is greatly affecting holiday budgets as people look to cut costs and limit gift-giving lists.

So I'm offering a list of low cost ideas for gifts this year.

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That is all I can think of right now. Please, feel free to add to this list in the comments and to link to this entry other places. Happy Holidays!

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Gifts FROM the poor.

So being dirt poor has made me more creative lately. So I have been looking for VERY cheap (or free) things that can be given as gifts. Here are some projects I have come up with.

Picture composites: Taking scrapbook paper and magazine pictures and cutting shapes and images out to make collages/pictures. Such as a jungle scene or a living room with pictures of family members interacting in the make believe space.

Magazine cut-out beads: You glue one end and roll a strip of magazine (varying length) very tight. Making a bead, string as you wish. :)

The popular coupon book: "Do the dishes, free babysitting, homework help, declutter assistance", etc. Make them decorative and put time into them.

A collection of images and poems/prose that remind you of that someone you are giving to. How much more thoughtful can it get?!

Grocery Shopping Effectively

If you frequent the same grocery store to stock up on food and everyday items I suggest trying this trick. It's worth investing the little bit of time.

Walk through the store and make a little mini map of where items are located. It may look like this

Produce- Fruits, veggies, nuts, dressings
Cereal- cereal, pop tarts, snack bars
Cookies- cake mix, cookies, fruit snacks...

This helps you to write out your grocery list in such a way that you don't have to hop from isle to isle haphazardly. And when time is of the essence this really helps me! Also I think that having such an effective list really helps to keep you on track with buying what you need, not just whatever you see.